January-ary (and the 6th Friday Roundup)

Well, we made it through another January! Which means that springs is almost upon us. In just over a month we will switch the clocks back to summer time (!!!) and it will be all uphill from there. I know, I know, I should not complain about our "winters" here in the desert and I do understand that compared to other regions we are rather lucky with our weather here, but January still means it's winter, even in our neck of the woods. 

And this January we really felt it! This is the second year in a row that the first month of the year did not bring the usual rain. Last year was hot with 80 degree temperatures on most days (we liked it!!! and by "we" I mean "I"), this year was cold, with temperatures mostly hovering in the mid 50s! Hey, that's cold for us, alright!!! We even had frosty nights which is not good for our desert plants… and I had to finally cave and wear long sleeved running shirts and gloves. Such a drag, I know!

But, we seem to be finally through the cold spell and the sun is shining bright and warm again. HURRAY! Which translated into me not spending as much time surfing around in cyberspace but spending more time outdoors instead. And I know for sure that those who live in more arctic climates do understand. 

I did find some treasures, however:

Don't try this at home! 

For everyone who has been through the death of a pet before: Cancer-stricken dog feats on epic last meal

When Lennox the dog's owner decided to put his cancer-stricken pet out of his misery, he knew he deserved a farewell fit for a king. 

Tragic: Tar sands before and after

"Is this Michigan?": The 35 Dumbest Things Ever said On The Internet

be sure to click on the "continue" link under each photograph: My Modern Metropolis

 for the blogger in us: 7 Libraries Of Sensational Photographs You Can Use For Free

I love Paris - not as much as London or Venice, but enough

I'll be damned: 22 Things You're Doing Wrong

How Owls Spin Their Heads Without Tearing Arteries

Natural Defense for Runners: Foods to Protect Your Body*

What's a runner's best defense? Eating plenty of antioxidants—compounds that can prevent cell damage from occurring. To get the most benefit, runners should eat a wide variety of antioxidant-rich foods, says Spano. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources, but since they stay fresh only a few days, it makes sense to stock your pantry (and fridge) with nutrient-packed options with a long shelf life. Give your running and health a boost with these protective superfoods.

already my favorite Super Bowl ad

for Chinese take out aficionados: You're using Chinese takeout boxes totally wrong 

And of course besides trying to stay warm and enjoying the sun I ran every day, rode my bike on most days, and went to the gym almost every night. 

Total Distance: 245.7 miles
Total Time: 39:53:52 min
Run Distance: 192.3 miles
Run Time: 24:03:52 min
Walk Distance: 53.4 miles
Walk Time: 15:50:00 min
  • Shortest run:  6.5 miles
  • Longest run:   7 miles
  • Average speed:  7:31 min/miles
  • Strength & Endurance: 10 hours
  • Bike Distance: 109.4 miles
  • Bike Time: 15:45 min
  • Average Speed: 11.2 mi/hr
  • Spinning: 6 hours
  • Power Yoga: 2 hours

Today's Running Tip: Eat well!!!*

Nourishing your body properly is essiantial if you want to keep running strong! A well balanced diet of healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, and nurtitious fats can help keep you in your running shoes for a long time!!!


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