5th Friday Roundup

What a week it has been. We went from sunny, cloudless skies and temperatures in the 80s to gray, gloomy days and rain. I am not a fan of the latter. Except for running. I have always liked running in the rain best. For some reason getting the miles in and finishing in a decent times seems easier when it rains. 

And then there was all this:

23 Reasons Sasha And Malia Stole The Inauguration


Who Knew?: Runners and Blood Clots: What You Need to Know*


Two Men Undergo Simulated Labor Pains to Feel what Childbirth is Like 

2 Dutch television hosts got curious about what the pains would feel like so — for their tv show, they put themselves to the test. According to The Huffington Post, “the two men used electro-stimulations to simulate contractions so they could experience the distress for themselves.” The two men lasted through 2 hours of contractions (which is far shorter than my 14 hour labors), but the video is priceless.


for anyone who reads or writes Mom Blogs, this is funny: Adult Children of Mom Bloggers Support Group

“There were tons of them,” she managed softly, tugging at the hem of her jeans. “They were in some slideshow,” she said with disdain, “and I was in my underwear, drinking milk, laying on the family dog.”  She looked down and sobbed quietly. “The comments all said how adorable I was. There were at least ten of them. Ten. Who needs ten pictures of a little girl, in her underwear, drinking milk?”


My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals

Homeless people are often viewed with suspicion or fear. When people see homeless and their animals they do a number of things. Some give them money or food and some look away. Others judge them unworthy of animal companionship. Whatever the reaction, most of us would have no idea how to survive on the street with (or without) an animal.


…which goes hand in hand with this: The Dogs Of Homeless People


Hillary-ous: How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs


let's just hope that this is true: New Study Indicates Athletes Not Willing To Dope For Gold

The study has just appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It surveyed track and field athletes at an “elite” North American meet, and found that only two out of 212 respondents would take a drug guaranteed to bring them an Olympic gold medal, but also to kill them in five years. Historically, through the 1980s and early 1990s, 52% of respondents said they would agree to this “Goldman dilemma,” named after the original investigator, Bob Goldman. Goldman conducted repeat studies approximately every two years over a 15-year period, with mostly similar results. In the new BJSM study, two of 212 is 1%, an astonishing difference.


10 Things you might not know about love

In reality, you can experience micro-moments of connection with anyone — whether your soul mate or a stranger. So long as you feel safe and can forge the right kind of connection, the conditions for experiencing the emotion of love are in place.


Baby Laughs Uncontrollably At Popcorn Eating Dog


Today's Running Tip: Make sure to move around while traveling!*

When traveling to and from races, be sure you take time out from a sitting position, whether in the car, on a train, or plane, and move around. Not only will it help with muscle fatigue after a race but it can also help prevent blood clots from forming in your legs, a potentially life threatening situation. 

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