It’s a Wrap


Well, here we are again: the beginning of a brand new year. New beginnings. Filled with promises. 2011 was a tough year, both personally and in general. I have yet to meet someone who was not more than ready and happy that it came to an end.

I am not one who likes to hold on to the past too much or reminisce days gone by, so the obligatory Year in Review is not going to happen here. But you can always look at it here if you wish!

Personally, the biggest event of last year was the loss of Nelson in early December. Life without him is getting a bit easier but the void he left is ever present. A few of our friends and neighbors have asked us if we will get a new dog. Eventually we will, but only when the time is right and our hearts are open to love another. We will allow as much time to pass as necessary before we bring a new furry friend into our home and the meantime we will look back on our years with Nellie with great fondness and memories of how lucky we were to have him in our lives!

As we look forward to the year ahead of us we are excited about new possibilities, travel, elections, and good times spent with friends and family! And I look forward to another year of injury free running with some races thrown in for good measure.

Happy New Year!

2011 in numbers:

Total Distance: 2097.1 miles
Total Time: 292:15:05 min
Run Distance: 1842.2 miles
Run Time: 247:45:15 min
Walk Distance: 544.81 miles
Walk Time: 164:05 min

Best running month: 187.1 miles  (July)

Average speed: 7:47 min/miles 

Strength & Endurance: 85:45 hours 

Yoga: 18:14 hours

Bike Distance: 541 miles

Bike Time: 56:08:00 min

Average Speed: 15.3 mi/hr

Today’s Running Tip: Sticking with your New Years Running Resolution!

Everyone wakes up on New Years Day with the same thoughts: this year will be the year I will… (fill in the blank)! In order to stick with your running goals sign up for a race early in the year. It does not have to be a marathon, just a distance that you need to train for. A training schedule within the first few months of the new year will help you get used to a regular training plan and sticking with a routine!

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