March Madness – Take III

Well, here we are again, almost one week into April and winter is long behind us, summer well on its way. Hurrah! (that rhymed)

As it does every year in this part of the world, the beginning of spring did not disappoint and although we had a few cold spells, we also had plenty of sunshine, lovely warmth, even a heat wave and endless blue skies! We celebrated David’s birthday and enjoyed plenty of social evenings with friends and neighbors. Life was good!

And through it all I continued to run pain free and enjoyed every minute of it. I realize that my days of running outside every day are numbered as we move into the next couple of months. This month will still be OK but come May I will probably have to start hopping onto the t(d)readmill again. Although I have been known to run in 110 degree temperatures and now that I have found a water fountain along my regular route I might actually run outside for most of the summer and only hit the hamster wheel when I get a late start. And of course there is all this catching up I have to do discussing current politics with my Veterans. Since I have only been going to my fitness classes in the afternoon for the past few month I really have not seen the Vets in quite some time and I miss debating the merits of Ayn Rand! Say what?  Yep, I cannot wait to see them all again… No, really!

Before I get too carried away about the senior citizens in my gym that enjoy the full benefits of government health care but rail against health care reform, here are running stats for March:

Total Distance: 221.78 miles
Total Time: 63:55:21 min
Run Distance: 161.3 miles
Run Time: 21:30:21 min
Walk Distance: 42.46 miles
Walk Time: 15:35:00 min
  • Shortest run:  5 miles
  • Longest run:   7 miles
  • Average speed:  7:59 min/miles
  • Strength & Endurance: 6 hours
  • Yoga: 3 hours
  • Bike Distance: 40 miles
  • Bike Time: 12:15:00 min
  • Average Speed: 16.5 mi/hr
  • Spinning: 9 hours
  • Cross Training (Dance): 3 hours

Today’s Running Tip: Don’t forget to hydrate!

Now that we are all waking up from winter hibernation and the days are slowly getting warmer, don’t forget to hydrate accordingly. We tend to cut back on hydration during the colder months and might be used to a lower fluid intake. Adjust the amount of fluid you drink to the warmer days of spring!

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