A Love List

It’s Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark holiday if ever I have known one. And what a perfect day to post a list of stuff that I love with reckless abandon:

~ David
~ sunshine
~ big, juicy navel oranges
~ Nelson
~ fresh basil
~ that moment on early summer mornings when the sun is about to come up on the horizon
~ Daniel
~ the tropics
~ Italian red wine
~ blue things
~ my dad
~ Santa Barbara
~ road trips
~ my friends
~ good books
~ bananas…
~ …and peanut butter
~ my friends
~ new running shoe
~ bike rides
~ the current President of the United States
~ balmy summer nights
~ Diane’s house
~ sushi at “Arigato”
~ boats
~ my in laws
~ fresh powdery snow
~ Venice
~ Spa days
~ lemons
~ my nephew
~ Helicopter flying
~ trivia
~ karaoke with the boys
~ dancing
~ falling asleep and waking up under a warm, fluffy duvet in a freezing cold room
~ routine
~ Twitter connections
~ the science of medicine
~ London
~ Indian food
~ living in the desert
~ Sanford Pinot Noir
~ eating pizza in Italy
~ coconut anything
~ cat naps
~ sundresses
~ crisp apples
~ movies

Today’s Running Tip: Falling in love with running again!
A lot of serious runners are so focused on their next race, training for running a PR they seem to have forgotten what made them fall in love with the sport in the first place. As frustration, stress, and even injury take hold running can become a burden, another thing you have to do. Make sure to take time off from racing once in a while and just go out to run for fun. Enjoy the rhythm of running in fresh air without fulfilling a pace or mileage goal. Run without the constant nagging thoughts of the next race in mind. Don’t even plan the next race.

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