October sucked!

Oh yes it did! Especially in terms of exercise. Although, then I look at my stats for this last month and it does not look too bad after all. How that happened is beyond me because I am still unable to run! And if that wasn’t enough I was also hit my an epic cold, just to add snot to injury. I usually laugh at colds and try to run through them but this one knocked me flat on my behind. Which was probably due to the fact that it came from India. And might have actually been the flu! Anyway… whatever it was it forced me to lay low for an entire week. And to be honest I had been thinking about taking a week off for quite some time and the Indian virus just took the decision away from me. I survived! I also made it through the man cold that followed my illness and now we are all better and ready for winter. WAIT! Scratch that! I am as ready for winter as I am for the reality that might hit this country tomorrow…

Total Distance: 377.94 miles
Total Time: 48:14:00 min
Run Distance: 11 miles
Run Time: 1:29:00 min
Walk Distance: 47.94 miles
Walk Time: 15:30:00 min
  • Shortest run: 5 miles
  • Longest run: 6 miles
  • Average speed: 8:05 min/miles
  • Strength & Endurance: 2 hours
  • Yoga: 4 hours
  • Weights: 3 hours
  • Bike Distance: 319 miles
  • Bike Time: 23:45:00 min
  • Average Speed: 16.3 mi/hr
  • Spinning: 4 hours

Today’s Running Tip: Go run to the polls!

Seriously! GO VOTE!* And combine your civil duty with pleasure by running to your polling place. If you don’t know where your polling place you can find it easily by going to Google Maps and entering your address!

*I gave up my German citizenship so I could vote in this country!!!

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2 thoughts on “October sucked!

  1. that’s pretty cool that you made the change so you could vote! i am sure part of my realization is that i am a ‘grown up’ now (4 yrs out of college) and i pay more attention to news, but i’ve heard a lot of the importance of voting. makes me proud to know that a lot of people are placing an importance on it, even though it’s not “the big vote”.

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