May Gray

I never thought I would have a title like this after leaving Santa Barbara, but… man has it been a cool spring! We even had record temperatures in May! Record LOW temperatures that is!!! And besides wind gusts that almost blew me off my bike we even had rain. I know, I know! We are spoiled her in Southern California, but we also pay steep prices for our sunny lifestyle.

The beginning of this month also marked the beginning of my getting back into my running shoes. As I set out on my first run I was quickly hit by the fact that one month of not running had set my ability to clock miles back to a crawl. Even though I rode my bike religiously, went to Boot Camp and other strength training weekly, the running had suffered. My legs felt heavy and I was even dragging my feet at some point, or so it felt. But slowly and surely I got back into the swing of things and was just happy that the pain I had felt for so long stayed away. And just as I had promised myself I continued to get on the bike once or twice a week for some low impact therapy. I cannot wait for the summer months!!!

I am almost back to normal and so is our weather. June promises to be fabulous!

Total Distance: 167.79 miles
Total Time: 33:48:33 min
Run Distance: 88.43 miles miles
Run Time: 11:18:33 min
Walk Distance: 79.36 miles
Walk Time: 22:30:00 min
  • Shortest run: 5.3 miles
  • Longest run: 6.8 miles
  • Average speed: 7:40 min/miles
  • Strength & Endurance: 3:45 hours
  • Weight Training: 3:30 hours
  • Yoga: 5 hours
  • Road Biking: 198 miles
  • Spinning: 3:20 hours

Today’s Running Tip: Getting back to running after an injury!

No matter what the injury, getting back into your running routine has to be done slowly and with patience. Too much running, too soon, too fast, and too long can in any combination aggravate the injury anew and set you back in your recovery. Listen to the body and back off at the slightest hint of the pain returning.

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