Prefers to wear shorts, tank tops, and no shoes over any other clothing items. Wears only cotton and fleece. Cannot stand anything wool.

Screens all of her phone calls and only picks up on first ring when it is her dad, but is always available through text messages and email.  Can listen to ongoing conversations around her and even join in while reading a book at the same time.

Reads both fiction and non fiction and can always be found with her nose in reading material even while watching TV.  Puts her iPhone down only when asleep.

Never eats breakfast, unless it’s for dinner. Has a banana with smooth natural peanut butter for lunch every day. Cannot stand peanuts.

Loves living in the heat of the Southern California desert.  Thinks of becoming a nurse, caring for cancer patients, preferably pint sized ones. Needs a daily dose of sunshine.

Never pretends to be something she is not.  Takes showers at least two times a day and lives in comfortable clothes daily.  Finds solace in daily runs that help her put life in perspective.

Used to have a Once-a-Day Frappuccino habit but managed to quit last year. Current addictions are limited to exercise, specifically running.

Dreams about Venice a lot and hopes to return to this magical city, maybe even live there for a while some day. Loves the cities of London, New York and San Francisco. Wants to visit New Orleans one day.

Listens to NPR while driving, often commenting loud on the subject being discussed even when driving alone.  Has also been observed listening to the same song repeatedly 50+ times. Thrives on routine.

Wishes she had paid more attention in high school and was more of a career person.  Always stops for puppies, never for babies.  Prefers carbs over any other nutritional source.

Attends political rallies and town hall meetings, hoping to meet President Obama one day.  Terrified of enclosed underground spaces.  Angry at those that want to control her life.

Good at being direct and letting her opinion be heard, respects the same from others.  Does not take herself to seriously. Hardly ever cries.

Sometimes easy to fly off the handle, always impatient; usually extremely organized.

Never wears jewelry or blow dries her hair.  Hates brussels sprouts, papaya, and Branston Pickle.  Loves spinach, watermelon and FRS+.

Thumb sucker, power napper, deep sleeper, does not suffer from insomnia.

*brought to you via Amy at Just a Titch

Today’s Running Tip: Routine matters!

Developing a daily running routing that works for your individual schedule is recommended for both the beginner as well as the seasoned runner. A routine will get you out the door and/or stick with your training plan. A pre-race routine also helps establish a sense of order and calmness and can help ease pre-race jitters.

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