We all tend to complain a lot. As individuals and as society as a whole. And yet, so many of us have so much to be grateful for so when Meg asked her loyal readers to come up with a list of things we are thankful for I felt obliged to follow her lead. It is no secret that I love lists and since summer is on its way what better idea than to write about what I am thankful for theses days.

I am thankful for

~ the roof over my head
~ clean sheets to sleep in every night
~ my in-laws
~ health
~ having had a chance to help make a difference
~ the 44th President of the United States
~ living in a place with very hot summers and balmy winters
~ my dad being able to visit us every year
~ Yoga
~ my awesome neighbors
~ being able to fall asleep and waking up next to the person I love most in this world
~ becoming an American citizen
~ being able to exercise every day
~ not living in the police state of Arizona
~ friendships
~ clean water
~ Philosophy Grace Lotion
~ citrus fruits, especially lemons
~ my marriage
~ having common sense
~ my degree

Today’s Running Tip: Feeling uninspired!

On days you feel like you are dragging yourself out the door, take a moment to remember how lucky you are that you are actually able to go for a run at all. And think about those who had to overcome odds beyond our imagination to get back onto their feet. People like Brian Boyle!

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