Take It and Run (with a Mom on) Thursday

Her name is Melissa, but in our running community she is only known as Missy. Missy is one of those rare women who is not only an amazing athlete, she is also a mother of two young boys and a stepmom to a teenage daughter and son. Missy is married to Simon, a devoted husband and father who used to work with David on this little venture. I had known about Missy before David met Simon but I had never met her in person until Simon introduced us at a local race in Santa Barbara. At the time, her youngest son was still an infant, there with his dad and older brother in support of his mom who crossed the finish line as the first female.

Missy is eight years younger than me and therefore completely out of my league although we compete together we never race in the same age group. Which is just fine with me as even I need a bit of a mental boost every so often and I get said boost by winning my age group in local races. That’s my claim to fame. Missy’s?! Her claim to fame is not only winning her age group but basically winning every race she enters, including but not limited to, the Long Beach Marathon. Yes, that’s right! She was the fastest female runner in the 2006 Long Beach Marathon. And she did this just like that. No fuss! Just dedication to training without neglecting her family in the process. Granted, her husband took over a lot of the basic care of the youngest two but in the big picture of things Missy’s training schedule did not tear the family apart. I know. I see them to this day. And they are a jolly bunch! (I would be too if I won every race I entered… Just kidding. I am truly happy with my small victories! Personal and official!)

Missy is truly is one of the strongest runners I know personally and she does it all without batting so much as an eyelash. I have admired her ability to run finish times I can only dream about for years and I always get excited when we line up together at the start as this will be the last time I see her until the finish when she collects her reward. And since the Runners Lounge asked us to write a post about a running mom we admire in honor of Mother’s Day I could not think of anyone who deserves admiration more than Missy!


Today’s Running Tip: Run with people you admire!

Running with people you admire can be a great motivator to push yourself just a little harder at the next race!

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